The point of advertising is to communicate, but if people forget your message do your ads even matter? Ads need to be memorable or you are just burning air time and your client’s money. Clients want ROI. You want happy clients. How do you get potential customers to remember your client’s ad? Hack their brains. It’s easy and they will thank your clients for it. Your clients will thank you.

Recently, I caught a rerun of a TV sitcom episode of How I Met Your Mother where a character, Robin, is calling her ex-boyfriend and leaving threatening messages on his phone. Her friends make her delete his number from her smart phone, but catch her calling him again. Her reply: “You can’t delete a contact from your mind.”  That’s why we started Her brain was hacked.

Because I am in the Start Up arena, I have been trying to catch HBO‘s Silicon Valley production about a startup company called Pied Piper. In one episode, the CEO is in arbitration. He thinks he lost. He wants his team to delete their source code to prevent his evil competitor Hooli from taking it. Instead, he wins and has to stop his team from ruining the company. He grabs his smart phone to call them just as it runs out of battery power. He runs to a nearby coffee shop to use their phone, and then realizes all his teams numbers are in his smart phone, not his head. I won’t spoil it, but he really needed a RingWord..

How many phone numbers do you have in your head? Do you remember your spouse’s number? Best friend? If your company was on the line, and your smart phone went dead, would you be able to reach Charlie in operations? How about his personal cell phone after hours?

If you sell a product, ANY product, do you expect your customers to remember your phone number? Maybe you think they will remember your web site name, You spent $5k on radio advertising for your Mother’s Day flower special. Will they be able to spell that IF they remember it?

Perhaps you’re not worried because in that 30 second radio spot you ran they repeated your 10 digit phone number 3 times. Good luck. Nobody remembers phone numbers and most people listening to the radio are driving. They can’t stop to write it down. If it’s not in their smart phone, they won’t call. If they call anybody about flowers it will be 1800Flowers. Why? It’s memorable, like a RingWord.

When you hear or see an ad and they blast the phone number, will you remember it? Will you enter it in your smart phone? No. With a RingWord, you don’t have to. It’s entered into your customers’ memory, simply by saying it.

A RingWord gets in your customers head and stays there. It is the same reason that great domain names sell for millions of dollars; they are short and memorable. “You can’t delete a contact from your mind.”

Of course if you can afford a short memorable domain name for millions of dollars, perhaps you don’t need a RingWord. But, if you don’t want to lose your million dollar company over a dead battery and  a bad memory you should try a free RingWord.

IOS 9 Introduces Ad Blocking Uh Oh

IOS 9 has introduced ad blocking at the OS level for their mobile operating system. Too many ads and tracking gizmos are slowing down web pages to the point of consumer irritation. This is especially visible on mobile devices.

First of all, advertising pays for the sites, the talent, the music, the talk. It’s not evil, it’s beneficial. It provides you with the entertainment you crave. Somebody has to pay for it.

When Google first introduced ads on its pages they were modest, text based, minimally intrusive, and bandwidth friendly. Things have changed.

When a web site loads, it fetches text and images from a variety of places, not just the web site you landed on. There may be a hundred fetches a web site makes to deliver a page, serving up video, ads, pictures, and tracking cookies from servers anywhere. The intent of all these snippets of code is not malicious. They are designed to serve ads based on things you have shown interest in. While they may track you, they are not trying to figure out if you have any secrets; they want to sell you things you already indicated you want by your web surfing habits or searches.

If the new Apple OS blocks ads, Android and Windows phones will follow. Everything will change. Google will still serve ads, especially to Android users, but they’ll probably block Apple advertising. Apple will probably block ads Google serves, allowing their own ads to be served without limitation. The war begins.

If you haven’t started to figure out how you are going to change with it, you are already behind.

We do offer an easy solution. Try a free RingWord. Our “tracking” if you want to call it that, is built into our system. It doesn’t track people, it tracks interest. It is not Ad content to be blocked; it is web page information about your product, service, company, or brand. Best of all, it is unforgettable.

We plant a “cookie” in your customers’ brains, a RingWord. It doesn’t track them, because it doesn’t have to. And you will never get blocked by any OS or App now or in the future