Why HackUsersRLosers? Because they are. If you hack in a video game, you are pathetic, a loser, you have no honor, no shame, you live in your mother's basement and she can't stand you either. You ruin gaming for everyone.

I play for fun, to amuse ME. If you find that amusing too, well... you worry me little fella. When I game I'm 12 and a half. Do I care if I get the most kills, win a chicken dinner, a battle royale? Eh, not really. Sure it's nice to win once and awhile, but I don't want to work that hard. I prefer killing my friends in a humiliating way, and because I suck, it's that much more Hackmiliating. And isn't that what multiplayer gaming is really all about: killing your friends in a brutal and humiliating way? (Hackmiliation now contains 30% more real lemon, for extra sting)

Also in real life I work a lot.

I suck at streaming...and gaming for that matter, so you pointing that out is NOT HELPFUL.

If you are here to see the best player, to learn tips about fantastic game play and strategy, man did you take a wrong turn.

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