244 million people listen to the radio every week.  That is a big audience!

Advertising on the Radio is a great investment, but we make it even better.

People enjoy listening to the radio at home, at the office and in the car. Sometimes they catch the phone number on the ad, sometimes they don't. A sale is lost simply because people have a hard time remembering numbers.

What if there was a way they could remember any ads phone number without even trying?

There is! If the advertiser has a RingWord, anyone can remember it simply because their RingWord is their product or company.

The word can then be used to find all the company contacts, product info, web sites, facebook page and more.

Would you remember 877-555-1429 or "Flowers?"  Would you remember 800-555-2638 or "Pizza?"  The possibilities are endless and it can be localized, such as  LAFlowers or LAPizza.

Have a long or difficult domain name?  Get an easy to remember RingWord "word" and simply redirect it to your long domain, automatically.  It's easy.

You're driving in your car. You hear an ad for LASIK surgery. You decide you want a consultation. What was the number? You can't remember.  You listen and don't hear the ad again. You give up frustrated.  If their RingWord was LASIK, you would never forget it, or DrLasik, or LALasik, or ChicagoLasik, or...

Phone Number 877-555-1234 Radio Advertising