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“Wow! Where to begin. This novel has it all. Some old and new themes, as well as the classic good vs evil. It has great character development, with an engaging story line, with some unexpected twists and turns, but somehow all the divergent parts come together in very satisfying way.

SciFi is my much-preferred genre, and for many years I have mostly read short stories or novellas. But this novel was such a page turner, I read it straight through until early the next morning. It was that good/great! The best thing about is that it is complete in itself. with a very good chance of future novels.

It was clever, sometimes funny, and most of all fun, and it just screams to be adapted into a movie(s) or at least a tv series.” 

★ “This is a fantastic story with just the right amount of action, suspense and some very sexy characters.”

★ “The Promise: Book 1 of the Piecer Chronicles is an engaging and riveting novel. Most of the time while reading, I was on the edge of my seat. The characters are highly developed, initially through dialogue and then through action-based experiences as the setting flips between past and present with ease and seamlessness. A love interest (or two) supports the ultimate purpose for saving the earth and balances the action scenes. Powr’s dialogue-based description of events enhances the speed and pacing of the narrative. The Promise reads almost like a screenplay. In fact, I can envision this novel on the big screen one day.” 

★ “Wow! Incredibly creative and exciting plot. Great diversion during quarantine!”

Graduation day 2173: Everyone was happy to put the military behind them, everyone but Chase. The truce with the Klix had held for twenty years and the Earth was rebuilding. Only the monuments to the Sixers and vast cemeteries remained to remind people of the war and the near extinction of Man. The ranks of the human race were replenished and the DNA engineered Piecer Soldiers were no longer needed.

General Gilbert Tupi approached the podium, a satchel of Piecer Stars in one hand, his speech in the other. The crowd hushed waiting for their sons to receive their Star, the last graduates from the program.
And then the sky lit up.


The Coveted Piecer Start The Promise

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